By Janet Attard

Using using email to send press releases to editors can save you considerable time and money. One click and your release can be on its way to dozens of editors. But sending a release in email doesn't equate with getting it published—or even read! One click of the mouse is all it takes for each editor or writer on your mailing list to delete the release, often without opening your email at all. (more…)

By Monique Martin

Press releases are an integral part of any good marketing plan. A quality press release enhances your business’s credibility and can be a great source of targeted traffic. The key to press release success is distribution. The wider you cast your your distribution net, the better. But, if you’re a small business, how do you get your press release seen? (more…)

By Hostway

Getting a journalist to write about your business is an excellent way to promote your brand for free. But most small businesses aren't making it easy for journalists to write about them. (more…)

By Hostway

How can you turn new innovations, grand openings, volunteer work and charitable contributions into links to your Web site? Writing press releases with embedded links and distributing them across the newswires can give you a number of high-quality links to help your search engine ranking. (more…)

Publicity is even better than advertising because it is more credible in the minds of your audience. Advertising is something you create, control and pay for. Publicity, on the other hand, is something someone else says about you. Publicity is more believable than advertising because it comes from a third party. Essentially, publicity is based on news—news that you create. (more…)

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