By Joanna Fletcher

An API or Application Programming Interface is what different pieces of software use to talk to each other, in the same way that people talk to each other in order to share knowledge. The API is like an auto-translator, a space that takes the information produced by one program and makes sure that it is understood by another. (more…)

Adobe Flash is an authoring program that allows you to add animation and interactivity to your Web pages. (more…)

If you want to add PHP functionality to your Web site, you don’t always have to start from scratch. Many open source scripts are already available for free download on the Internet. All you need is a Web hosting plan that supports PHP and in most cases MySQL for complete functionality. (more…)

PHP is a scripting language embedded into HTML Web pages to create dynamic features. When your Internet browser requests a Web page with PHP components, the PHP code runs on the server and generates a Web page with unique content. That customized Web page is sent to your browser. (more…)

JavaScript is a widely used scripting language embedded directly into HTML code. It allows you to enhance your Web site with interactive extras. Used alone or with other programming languages, JavaScript can help you create a polished and interactive Web site. (more…)

ASP is Microsoft’s interface for creating dynamic, interactive Web pages. An Active Server Page is an HTML Web page that contains codes written in interactive scripting languages embedded in the HTML. The Web server processes those codes, generating custom content on the Web page. The custom Web page is then returned to your browser as a regular HTML document. (more…)

A CGI is a specification that allows you to create dynamic Web page. It creates a standard for information traveling between a CGI program and a server. (more…)

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