May 12, 2009

Choosing an Operating System for a Dedicated Server


Hostway Team

Large companies with complex Web sites or separate mail and database systems need a dedicated server for their critical data. When a company is ready to make the transition from a shared server to a dedicated server, it needs to decide which operating system (OS) is best for its data needs.

An OS is a software program on the server that directs traffic and prioritizes and allocates resources. The two most common operating systems for dedicated servers are Windows and Linux, although UNIX and Mac are available through some Web hosts as well.

The right OS for your company is the one that is compatible with your Web site applications and databases. The type of operating systems that run on your office PCs doesn't matter for this decision.

Using Hostway's dedicated server plans as an example, the table below shows the different applications you get with each OS.

Windows Linux (Red Hat)

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