May 12, 2009

Cloud Computing


Hostway Team

One of the latest trends in Internet services, cloud computing is a high-level concept that applies to a variety of services all based on the idea that resources such as storage space are accessed externally, on-demand. Some of the most common uses of cloud computing are software as a service (SaaS), storage on virtual servers (utility computing), Web services in the cloud (applications programming interfaces that can be used over the Internet) and platform as a service.

Cloud Computing for Shared Web Hosting

In a shared hosting environment, cloud computing basically comes down to the way your Web host configures its servers. A cloud structure networks large groups of servers through special connections that spread data across the cluster. Not only is this structure scalable in terms of storage and traffic capacity, it has multiple connections, so a single point of failure won’t bring the entire system down.

Cloud computing is a way to easily scale Web hosting plan capacity and traffic allotments on the fly, automatically. When your Web site is on a cloud structure, you don’t have to worry about sudden increases in traffic bringing down your site or going over your storage limits. Your plan automatically adjusts to fit your needs on demand.

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