July 18, 2017

Customer Spotlight: Spence Software – Safety Management Software on a Mission


Hostway Team

Spence Software creates software that makes it easy for organizations to identify hazards and mitigate the risk of those hazards. They run mission-critical SaaS applications to help safety managers maintain safety in the workplace by easily creating digital records and then using those records to take actions to make workplaces safer. It's an incredibly important function in industries with a risk of accident or injury to employees.

Spence Software serves customers both large and small all over the US and Canada, and in order to support these customers with rock-solid security, uptime, and performance, the company was challenged with finding a cost-effective solution to set up hardware that could grow with their software platform. They worked with Hostway to architect a hypervisor solution for their main application. They also use virtual private cloud for smaller applications, as well as a managed private backup.

Spence Software has been a Hostway customer for 17 years. Ron Spence, owner and president of Spence Software, noted that, “I have had a lot of help from Hostway over the years and it has always been first class. I could not ask for better. Customer support is amazing and response time to tech support is just great.”

Their main takeaway from using Hostway for their infrastructure? "Don't do things that Hostway could do better."
Hostway can help build your infrastructure. Call +1.866.680.7556 or chat with us today. And to learn more about Spence Software, visit them here.

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