May 14, 2009

Email Marketing: Get Into the Inbox


Hostway Team

The biggest email providers filter spam email messages into separate folders for their customers and make reporting spam as simple as clicking a button. Here are some general rules compiled from the America Online (AOL), Gmail and Yahoo Web sites that can get your messages out of the spam folder and into the inbox:

Send Messages Only to People Who Want Them

This is your best protection against the spammer label.  AOL requires proof of your relationship with members upon request. AOL, Gmail and Yahoo all allow users to label messages as spam with a single click and diligently update their filters with this information.

Remove Email Addresses that Bounce from Your List

AOL and Yahoo both lower your status when too many addresses on your list bounce.

Comply with the Law

The CAN SPAM Act and most email providers require that you supply accurate "from" information in your messages. Also, you must include unsubscribe links and honor opt-out requests.

Once you have these practices in place, it's easy to quickly send your messages to qualified prospects on a regular basis. And you don't have to worry about ruining your online reputation or running afoul of the law.

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