May 15, 2009

Make Your Landing Page Sticky


Hostway Team

When visitors come to your landing page via search engines, they're likely to click back to the search engine and check out your competitors — bouncing back and forth between landing pages and the search engine results page.

Your goal is to make your page sticky — to engage your visitors so they don't bounce off your page. defines engage as "to occupy the attention and efforts of (a person or persons)." Let's look at each part of that separately.

Grabbing Visitors' Attention

The first part of making a sticky landing page is to immediately grab your visitors' attention. You can do this with striking graphics, a bold headline or an excellent offer.

Even something as simple as 50% Off might be enough to get some people interested. For others, you might need to have brilliant creative elements on your landing page. Pose a question in your headline that makes them stop and think. Connect with them by showing you understand them.

Occupying their Efforts

Just driving traffic to your landing page does not make it successful. The whole point is to convert your visitors, to get them to act or make an effort. As you design your page, keep it simple and use familiar navigation. If people cannot figure out how to respond, they won't — no matter how arresting your page is.

Not everyone is ready to purchase after reading a landing page. Especially with bigger ticket items, they may be in the research stage of the buying process. Ask visitors to sign up for a newsletter or white paper that keeps you in their minds as they move through the buying process.

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