May 14, 2009

Offline Advertising


Hostway Team

Offline advertising is a good way to catch potential customers’ interest and bring them to your Web site. Most Web sites can benefit from combining a search engine optimization strategy with offline and online advertising. However, Web sites that are local in reach will benefit more from an offline advertising strategy because local advertising is relatively inexpensive and reaches the market directly.


Print includes all printed materials—business cards, stationery, newsletters, newspapers, flyers, door hangers, stickers and more. When you create a print advertisement, be sure to use a large font size for your Web address and offer readers an incentive for visiting your Web site.

Radio and Television

Radio and television ads offer you the benefit of reaching a specialized audience. You can tailor your ads directly to your ideal customer. Television ads aren’t as expensive as you might think. You can place your ads with local television stations or cable stations, whose ads cost much less that national network channels. It is important to repeat your Web address at least twice in these ads so people remember it.

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