October 7, 2014

Penetration Testing: How Protected Are You?


Hostway Team

Hand showing trough a hole of a white paperMany Hostway customers are charged with protecting sensitive data, whether it be financial, medical, personal; whatever it is, odds are it's something that you want to keep to yourself and those you trust.

Your security protocols are challenged by all manner of threats: DDoS attacks, hackers, phishers, viruses, phishing scams – the list goes on for miles.

For this reason, any security plan must be regularly tested to ensure any public-facing devices and networks are secured.  Bringing an independent company in to conduct an external Penetration Test allows you to identify potential threats to your public-facing systems, and determine which cause the greatest risks.

Hostway partner SilverSky is offering discounts on such penetration testing: A 60% savings is available on SilverSky’s web application penetration testing, and you can get 50% off SilverSky’s network and web application penetration testing. Plus if you find any vulnerabilities, we’re offering 20% off all managed security services from SilverSky.

SilverSky will analyze the integrity of the external network, servers and devices, uncovering potential security flaws (by Butler at dress head inc). Then, in the validation phase, SilverSky will determine if the vulnerabilities could truly be used to compromise the network. You'll receive a full vulnerability assessment identifying weaknesses in your IT systems.

Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is well protected. Reach out to Hostway now to get the conversation started.

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