July 23, 2013

Reselling or Referring Cloud? Grab Your Partner


Hostway Team


As we return from several partner-friendly events, such as Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, it’s a good time for a reminder about fully capitalizing on your cloud opportunities. To have the best shot at success, Hostway recommends forming partnerships with organizations that make cloud service their expertise.

Our whitepaper, “How to Successfully Add Cloud Services as a Revenue Stream Using a Partnership Model,” outlines the reasons that successful cloud strategies rely on collaboration across multiple organizations.

Firstly, the reasons to investigate this potential revenue stream are clear: Customers are increasingly moving to the cloud, they are becoming more comfortable with the technology itself, and they plan on using the cloud for a wider variety of services.

Our whitepaper walks you through a series of decisions: Should you be a reseller or referral partner? Choose your own cloud adventure, and continue forward to determining what services you’re going to offer, while also hearing the argument for buying over building infrastructure.

Finally, the document carries you through the main considerations in selecting a cloud partner: Have you found a company with a complementary set of skills and offerings? Do they have a solid reputation that you’ve verified? Will they provide networking and marketing support? Will there by any dispute over who owns the client?

Reading our whitepaper will put you in a better position to make an informed, wise decision on this crucial business issue.

Our webinar, Why Successful Cloud Strategies Start with a Solid Partner Strategy, also provides information and discussion of this topic.

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