August 12, 2014

Learn How Hostway Helps TheBlaze Manage Traffic Spikes


Hostway Team, a news, information and entertainment website, came on board with Hostway in the Spring of 2012, using a hybrid solution of Hostway’s FlexCloud Servers and managed, bare-metal servers to provide flexibility and high availability. During TheBlaze's tenure, Hostway demonstrated its ability to handle the spikes of traffic that occurred after on-air mentions on nationally syndicated radio. When TheBlaze started looking for a new home for its e-commerce segment, it was natural for to leverage its existing Hostway relationship.

When TheBlaze decided to expand their relationship with Hostway, they knew they’d get their money’s worth in terms of both solution and service level. Additionally, in an effort to provide the best user experience for visitors to and The Marketplace by TheBlaze, Hostway introduced their partner Cynch to TheBlaze.

Read the full case study with Hostway, Cynch and TheBlaze here.


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