Honoring United States Veterans and Canadian Remembrance Day

Hostway Tech Team - November 10, 2017

A heartfelt message from our CEO and President, Emil Sayegh, on this Veterans and Remembrance Day to our employees in the United States and Canada.

Tomorrow, Canada and the United States will share the date for an equally important annual holiday to honor the millions of American and Canadian men and women who’ve served our countries in defense of peace and freedom everywhere.  Both these holidays are a remembrance of November 11, 1918 (Armistice Day), the day that WW1 ended.

This is a solemn time where citizens humbly salute those both living and deceased who dedicated their livelihood to protect the peace and prosperity of their fellow citizens.  As our two countries commemorate Veterans Day and Remembrance Day this week and reflect on the contributions of our Armed Forces servicemen & women have made, let’s also consider the potential these individuals offer the world of business, and specifically Hostway.

So many of our colleagues and customers have served to defend us, and for that we should always be deeply grateful.  Please take a moment to share your deepest gratitude for them, and say THANK YOU to all the veterans in your life and at work.


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