January 20, 2015

VPS: The Sweet Spot Between Shared and Dedicated


Hostway Team

Pixelated VPSSome customers need a hosting solution that’s more powerful and secure than shared hosting, but less complex and costly than Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Servers. They are generally looking for a reliable offering to resell to end customers – something they can use to manage multiple hosting accounts from a single interface.

For these users, we offer Virtual Private Servers (VPS), a core service from Hostway. Our VPS plans include the Plesk control panel from Parallels, from which resellers can easily configure and manage hundreds of websites within a single plan. Individuals who don’t want the burden of managing their own server also find VPS useful for projects too complex for shared hosting.

VPS service from Hostway provides the following advantages:

  • Price & Performance: Take advantage of cutting-edge infrastructure and network performance. We aren’t colocated – we own and operate all of our own data centers, so we’re in complete control of every aspect of delivering a highly reliable, high-performance service.
  • Top-Notch Service: Unlike many of our competitors, 24x7x365 expert phone-based technical support is included free in every plan.
  • Fifteen Years’ Experience: We were one of the first hosting companies to offer VPS, and have more than 200,000 customers across six data centers.

Visit our website now to learn more about our VPS offerings.

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