May 13, 2009

Web Site Graphics


Hostway Team

Because the Web is a visual medium, graphics are important. Whether you hire a designer or create the Web site yourself, you need to find graphics to put on your Web site.

Graphics Sources

There are three sources for obtaining graphics for your Web site: create them, buy them or copy them from other Web sites.

Create Graphics for Your Web Site

Here are some simple ways you can create images for your Web site:

  • Scan printed images
  • Import images from a digital camera
  • Draw original graphics

Buy Graphics for Your Web Site

There are many Web sites offering libraries of clip art and photographic images for sale. You can search the Web for libraries with images that fit your Web site.

Copy Graphics from the Internet

If you copy graphics from other Web sites, you need to make sure the image is in the public domain—meaning no person or business owns the rights to the work—or obtain rights to use the image.

Graphics Formats

Web graphics are usually saved in two different formats. A .gif image works well for illustrated graphic elements with few colors. For photographs, a. jpg image will work better as the file can handle more colors.

Now that you have graphics, you will need to write text for your Web site.

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