June 25, 2015

Why Use Email Hosting? Benefits and FAQs


Hostway Team

Email hosting has become a critical part of enterprise communication infrastructure, and can deliver a variety of benefits that go beyond messaging. Email remains the king of business communication even as the way employees connect with their resources changes. Now, almost half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, according to Litmus Software research. This represents a staggering increase in just four years.

In addition to largely ditching the desktop in favor of mobile device capabilities, users are also demanding more from their email services. It's not enough to simply send and receive messages. Users require access to their accounts from any device, at any time, and security is paramount.

For all these reasons and more, email hosting has become a critical part of enterprise communication infrastructure. But what's encouraging businesses to switch to hosted solutions?

Crafting a brand image
There are more than a few free email services out there that seem to have all the basics covered. These might suffice for the run of the mill user, but businesses need something more robust.

Using a hosted email service helps convey professionalism, and builds brand trust. Hosted email enables users to leverage specialized IDs and branding so that the company's name is prominently featured. This goes beyond a simple signature, and can assure customers that they are working with a well-established brand.

Is hosted email more secure?
Data protection is a top priority in nearly every industry, and users are utilizing email to send increasingly sensitive materials. This translates to boosted security needs to ensure that company-owned resources and information remain protected.

With a hosted email service, administrators can worry less about what details or attachments they are sending and focus more on their essential business processes. Hostway's hosted email, for example, includes firewall protection, secure HTTPS connections, SSL encryption and spam and antivirus filtering to help ensure that even the most determined unauthorized user is kept out.

Never run out of inbox space
We've all been there: The available space in the inbox is filling up quickly, but you have important information and files stored there. You have to decide between deleting messages, storing data elsewhere or finding another solution entirely.

Hosted email services help put this problem to rest with scalable resources that can be increased on demand. If you're nearing capacity, you can simply reach out to your hosted email provider to increase the available space. It also means you can keep all those important work files, as well as all the adorable cat memes your co-worker likes to send.

Can hosted email be accessed from outside the office?
Hosted email also includes the added benefit of anywhere, anytime access. With a partner like Hostway, administrators can rest easy knowing that their email resources will always be available. This not only alleviates downtime concerns, but also empowers staff members that work outside the office. The hosted email service is easily accessible with the proper credentials, ensuring workers can operate from their home office or the road while keeping data secure.

Go beyond messaging
We all know what a powerful tool email can be. But today's users need to do more than just send messages. Thanks to robust platforms like Microsoft Exchange, employees can boost their efficiency and productivity through a range of beneficial tools. These include the ability to schedule meetings and share a whole host of materials like important files, contact information and calendars. No more silos here: just one, streamlined platform that addresses all your communication needs.

To find out more about how hosted email can benefit your business, contact Hostway today.

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