May 14, 2009

Write Your Own Code


Hostway Team

Programming is what distinguishes the Web from print materials by allowing users to interact with the content. You can program a page using programming languages, sets of rules or instructions that tell the computer to produce a particular result. Scripting languages are high-level programming languages processed at run-time. You can use them to create dynamic features on your Web pages.

Programming Languages

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

HTML is the language that creates a framework of a Web page. Anyone interested in Web programming should start with a good understanding of how to write HTML from scratch.

Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML)

HTML has limitations that have been addressed in a new version of the language called XHTML. It's similar to HTML but must be used with CSS.

Cascading Style Sheets

Take control of the look and feel of your Web site, streamline your code and make your redesigns a snap by using cascading style sheets (CSS) on your Web pages.

Scripting Languages


The most popular scripting language on the Web, JavaScript can spice up a static Web site, simplify complicated Web forms and help you add interactive features.

Structured Query Language (SQL)

A database isn’t much help to visitors unless they can perform a keyword search to retrieve the information they need. SQL can help you easily create databases and return results for visitors’ searches.

Active Server Pages (ASP)

Encouraging your site visitors to complete interactive forms is a good way to learn more about your potential customers. Make interactive forms and features that won’t slow down servers using ASP.

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)

Want to add interactive features to your Web site without spending money licensing software or scripting languages? You can use the open-source PHP scripting language.

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

When people visit your Web site, they want to interact, not read. You can create dynamic Web sites with features such as guest books, counters and shopping carts by using CGI.

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