May 13, 2009

Writing for the Web


Hostway Team

No matter how brilliant or well-written your words are, your visitors are unlikely to read them. Research shows that people scan Web pages for the information they seek. But, with some planning, you compose your message so it gets noticed.

Scannable Writing

Here are some tips that will call out the important points to catch the eye of a Web site visitor:

  • Be concise
  • Summarize the most important points first
  • Use lists instead of paragraphs whenever possible
  • Write in the language and style of your reader
  • Provide context on each page; don’t assume your reader has read each Web page sequentially

Writing for Search Engines

Your word choice affects your search engine rankings. Learn how to write search-engine friendly text.

Once you have your graphics and text, it’s time let the professional designer go to work or begin building your Web site!

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