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Happy System Administrator Day from Hostway!

Jennifer Fitzgerald, CopywriterJuly 28, 2017

Today, July 28, we celebrate and thank our faithful System Administrators for the early mornings, late nights, constant firefighting, and continued dedication to your positions. From those who…

Hostway Leaders and Customers Interviewed by Online Publication Enterprise Cloud News

Jennifer Fitzgerald, CopywriterJuly 27, 2017

On July 19, 2017, Enterprise Cloud News shed light on a topic all too familiar to those in the healthcare industry dealing with the digitization of, well, everything. Scott Ferguson, Co Editor,…

The 6 Stages of a Malicious Cyber Attack

Peter Marsh, DIRECTOR OF SECURITY July 24, 2017

You don’t have to look very far to find an example of a malicious cyberattack. For example, the June 2017 hack of password manager OneLogin. Intruders accessed a set of Amazon Web Services (AWS)…

Customer Spotlight: Spence Software – Safety Management Software on a Mission

Brittany Wilson, COPYWRITER July 18, 2017

Spence Software creates software that makes it easy for organizations to identify hazards and mitigate the risk of those hazards. They run mission-critical SaaS applications to help safety…

How to Know You’re in an Enterprise Cloud


A misconfigured cloud storage database exposed the personal information of as many as 14 million U.S. Verizon Customers,” reads the first paragraph of a Healthcare IT News alert.

Hostway Launches Hosted Exchange 2016 Solution to Deliver Advanced Cloud Communication and Collaboration to Businesses

kai.armstrong, PRODUCT MANAGERJuly 12, 2017

Hostway announces today, the launch of their new Hosted Exchange 2016 solution for customers. This new solution, upgraded and designed to provide advanced collaboration tools to customers, enables modern business solutions and deliverability.

Hackers and Healthcare Data: Love at First Breach

Peter Marsh, DIRECTOR OF SECURITY July 06, 2017

2016 was a record-breaking year for the healthcare industry, and not in a positive way. Last year saw the most healthcare data breaches in history, and this trend hasn’t slowed in 2017.

Declare Your Independence!

Jennifer Fitzgerald, CopywriterJuly 04, 2017

Running your mission critical applications in the wrong environment may not immediately reveal itself to be a problem, but one outage, loss of data, or security breach will quickly prove…

It’s Canada Day, eh?!

Jennifer Fitzgerald, CopywriterJuly 01, 2017

Hostway loves to celebrate, and with offices spread across 5 countries (see map below), we pretty much always have a reason to break out the noise makers. And we think Friday is as good a reason…

Hacker Recon: How Data Thieves Do Their Homework

Peter Marsh, DIRECTOR OF SECURITY June 29, 2017

What does a hacker want to know about your system? What OS you’re running? Your IP address? Your CRM vendor? Malicious breaches are happening at an ever-increasing rate, and it’s tough to know…